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resmoke.py should retry getting a build_id and test_id from logkeeper

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    • v4.0, v3.6
    • TIG 2018-07-30, TIG 2018-08-13
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      The changes from SERVER-35472 made it so that resmoke.py would exit if it couldn't communicate with logkeeper. This has lead to setup failures in Evergreen that are caused by the logkeeper application server not responding with a build_id or test_id quickly enough. It might be that retrying would succeed that we should make 10 attempts and fail if we still don't get a build_id or test_id.

      Note: Retrying the request to get a build_id or new test_id is safe as it simply inserts a new document. The only quirk is that the "Job logs" tab may show extra entries in the case that resmoke.py never received a response from the logkeeper application server but the database still eventually did the work.

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