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continuous stepdown overrides should maintain parameters

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    • v4.0, v3.6
    • TIG 2018-08-27, TIG 2018-08-13
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      The continuous_stepdown suites overrides some of the ReplSetTest functions in continuous_stepdown.js. They do not, however, maintain all the parameters that are passed to the original functions. Which means the behavior is not maintained. For example, startSet takes a 'restart' parameter that is missing from the overridden version. The overridden version should maintain all the parameters of the original functions.

      The three functions being overridden are:

      • startSet
      • stopSet (It looks like this uses the parameters variable to maintain the parameter list).
      • awaitLastOpCommitted

      It would be great to actually capture all the original parameters or enforce that new parameters must be added to the overridden functions so that if new parameters are added to the original functions in the future, we can be sure to add them to the overridden versions as well.

            david.bradford@mongodb.com David Bradford (Inactive)
            david.bradford@mongodb.com David Bradford (Inactive)
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