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Hold lock on oplog as soon as optime is reserved



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      There exists a potential 3-way deadlock currently.

      1. First, perform an insert into a replicated collection using insertDocuments(). An optime is generated, but not committed. If another write transaction commits after this with a later optime, a "hole" is created by the timestamped write that is not yet committed.

      2. Someone tries to read the oplog, for example a secondary querying against its sync source. Oplog reads call waitForAllEarlierOplogWritesToBeVisible() to wait for all uncommitted operations to become committed and visible.

      • This waits for the uncommitted insert in step 1 to be committed while holding an IS lock on the oplog (and thus on the 'local' database).

      3. A DDL operation is received on the "local" database, and enqueues a request for an X lock on the 'local' database.

      Now the local database DDL operation in thread 3 blocks behind the IX lock held by thread 2. Thread 2 can't complete until the insert in thread 1 completes. And the insert in thread 1 winds up blocking when it goes to acquire an IX lock on the local database in order to write its oplog entry. That lock acquisition is blocked by the pending X lock request by thread 3.

      This deadlock was made far more likely to hit as part of SERVER-35365, which changed all mapReduce commands to perform DDL operations on the local database.

      One way to fix this would be if thread 1 took the lock on the oplog before creating the oplog hole and held on to that lock until the oplog entry was written and the hole removed.


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