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Log obvious details when resmoke observes killed processes

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      In BF-10349, the shell crashed due to segfault, but the shell didn't print out stack trace on exit. Resmoke logged the test exited with -11. However there are 10 mongo shells, it's not clear which one crashed. It's also not clear that's the shell who crashed. We have core dumps in this case, which have sufficient stack trace for debugging. It will be great if the error message can indicate that core dump is available and which process the developer should look into.

       [2018/08/19 15:49:33.497] [executor:js_test:job0] 2018-08-19T19:49:33.495+0000 Received a StopExecution exception: JSTest jstestfuzz/out/jstestfuzz-6828-ent_fe14-qa_a6ce-1534707044622-33.js failed.
       [2018/08/19 15:49:33.684] [executor] 2018-08-19T19:49:33.684+0000 Summary: 67 test(s) ran in 1040.76 seconds (66 succeeded, 41 were skipped, 1 failed, 0 errored)
       [2018/08/19 15:49:33.684]     The following tests failed (with exit code):
       [2018/08/19 15:49:33.684]         jstestfuzz/out/jstestfuzz-6828-ent_fe14-qa_a6ce-1534707044622-33.js (-11)

      Resmoke may also start mongods, I'm not sure if their exit error messages are clear. It would be great it's obvious who observed the crash and the error message from resmoke is consistent with that from the shell (e.g. ReplSetTest).

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