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Allow multi ringed shapes to be used for $geoWithin.

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      Add a way to specify minDistance to $geoWithin allowing querying for being in a ring shape, analogous to what $near/$nearSphere allowed with $minDistance and $maxDistance options.

      The only current workaround if $geoNear aggregation stage cannot be used is this query:

              $geoWithin:{$centerSphere:[ [ <x>,<y> ],<minDistance-in-radians>]}
              $geoWithin:{$centerSphere:[ [ <x>, <y> ],<maxDistance-in-radians>]}


      Original description:

      With the deprecation of count in favor of countDocuments it is no longer possible to use the $near operator with the new API.

      Unfortunately the alternative $geoWithin $center only supports radius whereas $near allowed having a ring specified by $minDistance & $maxDistance.

      There's no workaround for this, $geoWithin seems to only supports single ringed structures, so this might be more a server issue than a driver one.

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