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IndexBoundsBuilder::unionize() can be skipped for $in

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    • 4.1.5
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    • Query 2018-10-22, Query 2018-11-05

      We need to tread with care to ensure that this is correct in all cases, but it appears that we can skip some planning work while building bounds for an $in.

      If an $in has no regexes, then it consists of a list of sorted, deduped equalities which take into account the collation. The purpose of calling IndexBoundsBuilder::unionize() is to ensure that the IndexBounds have properly ordered interval lists, and that any overlapping intervals are merged. However, if we process the $in in sorted order, then the intervals should already be sorted. And if the $in has already be deduped, then there cannot be any overlapping intervals.

      IndexBoundsBuilder::unionize() has been shown to be slow for queries which have a large list of $in values (say, several hundred thousand distinct values). Local testing shows that skipping this work could speed such queries up possibly by as much as 40%.

      Note that this ticket is distinct from SERVER-34012, which identifies quadratic time complexity specifically for $or queries. In contrast, the $in code path for bounds building is not quadratic.

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