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Cannot drop config.system.sessions when calling addShard on 4.0 inMemory cluster



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      1. Clear out all db directories
      2. Start up 3-node replica set with inMemory storage engine
      3. Initiate the replica set
      4. Start up 3-node csrs
      5. Initiate the csrs
      6. Start up the mongos
      7. Call addShard
      Clear out all db directories Start up 3-node replica set with inMemory storage engine Initiate the replica set Start up 3-node csrs Initiate the csrs Start up the mongos Call addShard


      I've attached the conf files I used for my sharded cluster. 

      I was running this on 4.0.3-ent. 

      I tried running the csrs with and without inMemory (wasn't sure if it's allowed for csrs) and saw the same behavior both ways. 

      When I try to add the rs as a shard, I get the following:

      MongoDB Enterprise mongos> db.runCommand({"addShard": "rs1/louisamac:5000,louisamac:5001,louisamac:5002", "name": "shard0"})MongoDB Enterprise mongos> db.runCommand({"addShard": "rs1/louisamac:5000,louisamac:5001,louisamac:5002", "name": "shard0"}){ "ok" : 0, "errmsg" : "can't add shard with a local copy of config.system.sessions, please drop this collection from the shard manually and try again. :: caused by :: failed to run command { drop: \"system.sessions\", writeConcern: { w: \"majority\" } } when attempting to add shard rs1/louisamac:5000,louisamac:5001,louisamac:5002 :: caused by :: NetworkInterfaceExceededTimeLimit: timed out", "code" : 96, "codeName" : "OperationFailed", "operationTime" : Timestamp(1539203544, 1), "$clusterTime" : { "clusterTime" : Timestamp(1539203544, 1), "signature" : { "hash" : BinData(0,"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA="), "keyId" : NumberLong(0) } }} 


      When I tried the same repro with wiredTiger, I did not see this issue. 

      Note: I found this while testing, not in a production or customer issue.

      cc kaloian.manassiev esha.maharishi


        1. cs1.conf
          0.3 kB
          Louisa Berger
        2. cs2.conf
          0.3 kB
          Louisa Berger
        3. cs3.conf
          0.3 kB
          Louisa Berger
        4. mongos.conf
          0.2 kB
          Louisa Berger
        5. mongos.log
          7 kB
          Louisa Berger
        6. primary.log
          16 kB
          Louisa Berger
        7. rs1.conf
          0.3 kB
          Louisa Berger
        8. rs2.conf
          0.3 kB
          Louisa Berger
        9. rs3.conf
          0.3 kB
          Louisa Berger



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