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Add a function to the index builds interface to return the build UUID given a namespace and index name and hook it up for listIndexes to use

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    • 4.3.4
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    • Storage NYC 2019-02-25, Execution Team 2020-02-10

      There may be race conditions to handle between getting the index catalog entries and accessing the index build interface. I'm not sure whether it's important to give a snapshot view of indexes via listIndexes, in which case we can cut corners and simplify.

      Questions to be addressed in regards to initial sync: if listIndexes returns cursor results, and we are racily adding builderUUIDs, does this affect what we expect to see in the oplog? Like seeing an oplog entry when we don’t expect one? Does the catalog index info have to be acquired at the same timestamp as the config.system.indexBuilds data?

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