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reIndex() on secondary drops all indexes

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      This is huge issue.

      I ran reIndex on one of our collections and this was the output:

              "nIndexesWas" : 2, 
              "msg" : "indexes dropped for collection", 
              "errmsg" : "exception: no index name specified", 
              "code" : 12523, 
              "ok" : 0 

      After doing this and calling getIndexes and empty list is returned. Our indexes are indeed gone.

      Luckily we ran this on a secondary machine, but this is a huge problem.

      This issue does not affect reindexing on a primary. Of course one typically does not reindex on a primary.

      Workaround: Start the target mongod without "--replSet" and on a different port, reindex, and then restart mongod again with its normal --replSet command line. Be sure to use a different port number so no traffic other than administrative hits the machine during this maintenace procedure.

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