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Fail point `failCommand` is evaluated twice when `writeConcernError` is specified

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    • 4.1.8
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    • Sharding 2019-02-11

      We're using the failCommand fail point for the "Convenient API for Transactions" spec tests to return a write concern error on commitTransaction. The following shell script generally reproduces the issue we're encountering:

      use admin;
      db.runCommand({ configureFailPoint: "failCommand", mode: { times: 2 }, data: { failCommands: ["insert"], closeConnection: false, writeConcernError: { code: 64, codeName: "WriteConcernFailed", errmsg: "waiting for replication did not time out" } } });
      db.test.insert({ a: "something" });
      db.test.insert({ b: "or_other" });

      After investigating with mark.benvenuto, it appears that because closeConnection and writeConcernError are both specified, the fail point is activated twice: first here, then here.

      If closeConnection: false is removed, or {{ mode: { times: 4 } }} is specified, then the fail point operates as expected.

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