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Filter index builds requests in the coordinator, register the builds on the Coordinator and set them up in the persisted catalog before changing threads

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    • 4.1.9
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    • Storage NYC 2019-02-11, Storage NYC 2019-02-25

      This is necessary in order to register the final index builds that will be built (after filtering ready indexes and index builds) on the Coordinator, and to prevent subsequent index build duplicate request attempts (which get filtered by the index catalog) from being registered on the Coordinator (which considers that an error).

      Eventually index build dupe requests will join in-progress index builds, so finalized (filtered) index builds must be correctly registered on the Coordinator synchronously before asynchronously building the index(es).

      The logic flow will be

      Caller thread into IndexBuildsCoordinator::startIndexBuild

      • filter index build requests
      • register on the Coordinator
      • set up builder in persisted state, MultiIndexBlock::init
        All of the above under the coordinator's mutex or a DB X lock, to force synchronization

      async thread

      • run index build and clean up index build state on success/failure.

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