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Audit uses of TransactionParticipant::SideTransactionBlock

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    • v4.2
    • Repl 2019-06-03, Repl 2019-06-17, Repl 2019-07-01

      We use SideTransactionBlock to do things outside a transaction, while in a multi-document transaction. E.g., when OpObserverImpl writes the prepare oplog entry or (in SERVER-36494) when TransactionParticipant writes to another collection in the "local" DB.

      It seems error-prone that a side transaction block only partly masks the state of the outer transaction. For example, state methods like TransactionParticipant::inMultiDocumentTransaction() reflect the outer transaction.

      This can cause mistakes when recursing into the TransactionParticipant while doing an operation in a side transaction via

      TransactionParticipant method -> OpObserverImpl method -> TransactionParticipant::addTransactionOperation

      Audit uses of SideTransactionBlock and consider extending the SideTransactionBlock to more thoroughly mask evidence of the TransactionParticipant's outer transaction.

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