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Windows executables should include a Version resource



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      Platforms 2016-10-31, Platforms 2016-11-21


      Windows executables can include a version resource that provides a version number and other information. Some of this information can be viewed in Windows Explorer when viewing the Properties of a file; in Windows 7, the Details tab shows this information when it is present. The main reason why version resources are helpful is that they make it possible to see the version information without running the program. A --version switch is a fine thing, but it is not a substitute for data that can be scanned by inventory programs that scan a computer to collect information on what is installed. None of the MongoDB programs for Windows include any version resources.
      Note to implementer: Visual Studio can create RC files and allows some of the possible data to be added using the GUI, but it has a bad habit of removing information that it doesn't recognize. The best approach is usually to create a version resource in MSVC and then move that section to another file and modify the .RC file to include your other file. This way, Visual Studio won't remove anything that you add that it doesn't understand.


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