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Force BG clock now == Date_t::lastNow

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    • 4.1.10, 4.0.10
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    • v4.0
    • Service Arch 2019-03-25
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      Currently our fast clock is implemented by a background thread which wakes up every 10ms if callers continue to check it's time. If that background thread get's descheduled for a long time for some reason, this can cause the background threads time to drift substantially.

      If we:

      • force every read of date_t::now to update a new date_t::lastNow
      • change the background thread so that it's responsibility is to wake up and call Date_t::now() (if readers are still present)
      • change the background thread clock source now() to return date_t::lastNow

      We'll get a world in which we have the same target granularity + thread quiescence as before, but additionally ensure that even if the background thread can't be scheduled, that lastNow() will still be pushed loosely forward if there are callers of Date_t::now() elsewhere in the system. This should ensure a tighter bound on the spread between the precise and fast clock sources

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            mira.carey@mongodb.com Mira Carey
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