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Make ConstDataRange and friends constructable from any byte-like type or container of byte-like types

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    • 4.1.10
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    • Security 2019-04-08

      ConstDataRange and friends are very useful types for working with buffers, but we haven't defined a consistent "byte" type across the code base, so there are a lot of reinterpret_casts to coerce a ConstDataRange from various range-types of bytes. We should just make it so you can construct a ConstDataRange from any "byte-like" type, that is an integral type where the size of the type is one. Also, make them constructable from any stl container of byte-like types, such as std::vector<uint8_t> or std::array<char, size>.

            jonathan.reams@mongodb.com Jonathan Reams
            jonathan.reams@mongodb.com Jonathan Reams
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