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Add failpoint to skip doing retries on WiredTiger prepare conflicts

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    • STM 2019-04-08, STM 2019-04-22
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      An operation within WiredTiger that attempts to get or set a value which has been prepared by another transaction may have a WT_PREPARE_CONFLICT error returned. (Note that until SERVER-40176 is addressed, this also applies to operations which may scan over such data.) The MongoDB layer then enqueues these operations to be retried after a prepared transaction has committed or aborted. In order to allow the rollback fuzzer to generate randomized insert, update, and delete operations that may prepare conflcits without hanging, it would be useful to add a failpoint to the wiredTigerPrepareConflictRetry() function where it doesn't do any retry logic and instead has the command fail with a WriteConflict error response.

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