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Resmoke does not parallelize execution of a single test when using --repeatTests and -j together



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major - P3
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 4.1.11
    • Component/s: Testing Infrastructure
    • Labels:
    • Backwards Compatibility:
      Fully Compatible
    • Sprint:
      DAG 2019-05-06


      It is expected that a resmoke.py invocation like:

      resmoke.py --repeatTests=4 -j4 --suite=core_txns jstests/core/txns/transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes.js

      should start up 4 jobs (threads) to run 4 instances of the same test in parallel. This does not appear to be the case in the latest version of resmoke.py:

      $ grep "Running.*js\|ran in" log                                                                                                                                                                                                  
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:03:54.688-0400 job2_fixture_setup ran in 5.13 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job1] 2019-04-16T11:03:54.688-0400 job1_fixture_setup ran in 5.13 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:03:54.689-0400 Running transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes.js...
      [executor:js_test:job0] 2019-04-16T11:03:54.696-0400 job0_fixture_setup ran in 5.13 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job3] 2019-04-16T11:03:54.697-0400 job3_fixture_setup ran in 5.13 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job3] 2019-04-16T11:03:55.399-0400 job3_fixture_teardown ran in 0.70 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job1] 2019-04-16T11:03:55.432-0400 job1_fixture_teardown ran in 0.74 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job0] 2019-04-16T11:03:55.467-0400 job0_fixture_teardown ran in 0.77 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:03:56.487-0400 transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes.js ran in 1.80 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:03:57.669-0400 transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes:ValidateCollections ran in 1.18 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:03:57.670-0400 Running transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes.js...
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:03:59.499-0400 transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes.js ran in 1.83 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:04:00.673-0400 transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes:ValidateCollections ran in 1.17 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:04:00.674-0400 Running transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes.js...
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:04:02.517-0400 transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes.js ran in 1.84 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:04:03.758-0400 transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes:ValidateCollections ran in 1.24 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:04:03.759-0400 Running transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes.js...
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:04:05.489-0400 transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes.js ran in 1.73 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:04:06.720-0400 transactions_write_conflicts_unique_indexes:ValidateCollections ran in 1.23 seconds: no failures detected.
      [executor:js_test:job2] 2019-04-16T11:04:07.352-0400 job2_fixture_teardown ran in 0.63 seconds: no failures detected.
      16 test(s) ran in 17.79 seconds (16 succeeded, 0 were skipped, 0 failed, 0 errored)

      The ability to run multiple instances of the same test in parallel can be very helpful for trying to reproduce non-deterministic failures. This functionality was added in SERVER-34593. It may have been broken with the changes from SERVER-39305.


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