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Always log storage watchdog kills to syslog

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    • Dev Tools 2019-05-06

      Consider a configuration in which the mongod log files are written to the same partition as the mongod data files. This configuration tends to result in the following behavior when the storage watchdog triggers: a) the partition is non-functional in some way b) the storage watchdog triggers and kills the mongod so c) the fact that the storage watchdog killed the mongod does not appear in the log files. Trying to figure out what killed the mongod in these situations is non-trivial.

      Is it possible to have the storage watchdog kills logged in some other way? For example, could just that one log message also be sent to syslog - even if syslog logging is not enabled? When a mongod process and it's log file end abruptly, I think most experienced users are accustomed to going to look at the syslog to find evidence of an OOM, or other hardware issue. This would be an intuitive place to capture the storage watchdog kills.

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