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Add npm install command to "run jstestfuzz" Evergreen function

    • Fully Compatible
    • v4.0, v3.6, v3.4
    • STM 2019-05-20
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      The "run jstestfuzz" function lives here in the etc/evergreen.yml project configuration file. We'd like to remove the vendored copy of the fuzzer's dependencies from the 10gen/jstestfuzz repository. Note that removing the node_modules/ directory is a "break the world" kind of change where older mongodb/mongo commits will fail because the dependencies are no longer present. Until we remove the node_modules/ directory, running npm install should have no effect because the versions of all the fuzzer's transitive dependencies are pinned by the package-lock.json file. We can therefore add the npm install command now in preparation for removing the node_modules/ directory and break fewer older commits.

      This should happen in a type=system task so that if Artifactory is down, then the Evergreen task turns purple. Note that this means it should happen before the shell.exec command to call npm test and npm run.

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