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stableTimestamp calculation makes incorrect assumptions about all_committed



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      This explanation is incorrect when prepared transactions are getting committed.

      The all_committed is the (timestamp of the earliest uncommitted transaction that has a commit timestamp) - 1. For prepared transactions, until commit time the transaction isn't included in the all_committed because it is not timestamped. At commit time, the all_committed can briefly jump back to the commitTimestamp-1 between when we set the commitTimestamp on the transaction and when we actually commit the transaction.

      This invalidates the assumption that the all_committed is always "in the same term" as the commitPoint on a primary.

      This also invalidates any assumptions we've made about the all_committed always moving forward.

      There are 3 options I can think of:

      1. Change the semantic meaning of all_committed to be all_durable and use the durable timestamp rather than the commit timestamp to calculate it. This is in line with the idea of all_committed really being used to determine when oplog holes are open. Michael Cahill thinks this isn't too hard and is reasonable if needed, though it does require more thought since it's a significant API change.
      2. Add a mechanism for committing a transaction with a commitTimestamp such that it is never counted in calculating all_committed and use it for any storage-transactions (including prepared mongodb transactions) that timestamp their transactions only right before commit time.
      3. Try to work around the current all_committed behavior in stableTimestamp calculation. This doesn't fix the problem of all_committed moving backwards, if in fact that's a problem in other places where we just haven't seen it.


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