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Provide a mechanism to remove a shard and also abandon its chunks

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    • Sharding 2019-09-09

      Currently there is no way to remove a shard from a cluster without migrating the chunks on that shard away to other shards. This makes it impossible to remove a shard which is entirely lost (because we can't move the chunks away because we don't have them). We also can't introduce a new repl set on top of that shard, because it'll have the wrong term.

      We should provide a mechanism to update the routing table such that:

      • A given shard is removed
      • Chunk info for chunks on that shard is removed
      • key space for sharded collections on that shard are re-allocated to other shards (so as to avoid leaving gaps in the routing table)
      • the shard in question is completely unavailable

      We will add a new option to the removeShard command that puts a shard into forced draining mode in order to provide the above.

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