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unittest framework enhancements/bugfixes



    • Type: Task
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor - P4
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 4.3.1
    • Component/s: Internal Code
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    • Backwards Compatibility:
      Fully Compatible
    • Sprint:
      Dev Tools 2019-09-23, Dev Tools 2019-10-07


      unittest: Suite refactor

      • Segregate old-style dbtests into their own Suite initialization
        system: OldStyleSuiteSpecification. This is where the funky
        deprecated features can live on without interfering with the
        Suite API. It also gives us a searchable base class to identify
        them in the future.
      • OldStyleSuite has `setupTests()` and an `add<T>()` that
        Suite does not have. Suite API can shrink when it doesn't
        have to support these dbtest adaptor features.
        Suite only needs non-template `add(name, callback)`.
      • Add OldStyleSuiteInitializer to some dbtests that were missing it!
        These didn't use SuiteInstance to register themselves and were incorrect.
        They would self register, resulting in _allSuites() holding a std::shared_ptr
        to a static-duration Suite object!
      • Change `getSuite()` to return `Suite&` instead of `Suite*`.
      • No more "self-registering" in Suite constructor. Registration
        must be done as a separate post-construction step. This removes
        some unusual lifetime management code and is easier to document.
        Suite::getSuite(name) is the only way to make a Suite, and it
        does the make_shared and registration calls with a pseudo-private
        ConstructorEnable idiom.
      • Suite->run() returns std::unique_ptr<Result> instead of
        raw `Result*`.
      • Suite._ran does nothing. Removed.
      • Result.cur does nothing. Removed.
      • Switch to pass-by-value and std::move for most ctor args.
      • Add explicit on 1-arg ctors.
      • Get rid of TestHolder. It's just a 2-field struct.
      • use fmt instead of snprintf
      • TEST and TEST_F macros: generate TEST_TYPE once.
      • TEST and TEST_F macros: inline the _agent variable.
      • Mark _doRun as `override`.
      • Terminology: replace CASE_NAME with SUITE_NAME.
      • rename DeathTestImpl -> DeathTestBase
      • move getDeathTestPattern into the test as a static member function
      • refactor out some repetition from the comparator decl macros
      • use constexpr if and diamond relops to clean up the
        ComparisonAssertion class.




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