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Add Javascript helpers for doing non "force" multi node reconfigs

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    • v4.4
    • Repl 2020-03-23, Repl 2020-04-06

      SERVER-45079 makes it so that all non-force reconfigs can only add or remove a single voting node at a time. We would prefer to use non-force reconfig in our JS test infrastructure when possible, but it is currently cumbersome to manually execute a sequence of single node reconfigs to add or remove multiple nodes. We should add JS helper functions that can do this automatically to make non-force reconfigs easier to use in our testing. We should also update any existing tests that are currently using 'force' reconfig temporarily to work around this issue.

            william.schultz@mongodb.com William Schultz (Inactive)
            william.schultz@mongodb.com William Schultz (Inactive)
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