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Blacklist create_database.js from concurrency_replication_multi_stmt_txn

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    • 4.3.3
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    • Component/s: Testing Infrastructure
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    • Execution Team 2020-01-27
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      concurrency_replication_multi_stmt_txn will retry transactions that fail with retriable errors, including NoSuchTransaction. Any workload, such as create_database.js, that expects errors that cannot be blindly retried upon, can time out inside concurrency_replication_multi_stmt_txn due to the following sequence:

      suite starts transaction with FSM state -> test encounters and ignores non retriable error -> transaction implicitly aborts due to non retriable error -> suite attempts to commit the transaction -> commit fails with NoSuchTransaction -> suite retries the transaction -> suite starts transaction with FSM state

      The transaction will keep retrying indefinitely, failing every time, since the non retriable error keeps occurring and getting ignored.

      Since this is an incompatibility between create_database.js and the suite, it should be blacklisted from this suite.

            maria.vankeulen@mongodb.com Maria van Keulen
            maria.vankeulen@mongodb.com Maria van Keulen
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