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Remove AutoGetOrCreateDb

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    • 5.0.0-rc0
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    • Execution Team 2021-05-03

      With the introduction of AutoGetDb::ensureDbExists() and AutoGetCollection::ensureDbExists() in SERVER-45955, there is no longer a need for AutoGetOrCreateDb and removing it would simplify the codebase. Going through and directly translating the uses should be trivial, however anywhere we use this pattern:

      AutoGetOrCreateDb autoDb(opCtx, ns.db(), MODE_IX);
      Lock::CollectionLock collLock(opCtx, ns, MODE_IX);
      Database* db = autoDb.getDb();

      should be changed into

      AutoGetCollection autoColl(opCtx, ns, MODE_IX);
      Database* db = autoColl.ensureDbExists();

      This change leads to implicitly creating the system.views collection hitting this uassert, which we would should investigate whether we can circumvent.

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