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Bypass compile is broken



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      Bypass compile is a script that looks at the files changed in your patch build and determines if they could have an impact on the compile artifacts. If they shouldn't have any impact, it will download binaries from the mainline build the patch is built off instead of actually compiling. This saves a large chunk of compile time.

      It looks like the problem here is that one of the compile artifacts we are attempting to download is named differently on windows than on other platforms. We store the artifacts to download in a dictionary. It seems like we need to handle the windows-case better.

      As far as system-failing when bypass-compile files, when bypass compile was originally written, the decision was made to explicitly not fail on error, since then we would just do the compile as normal and the only impact would be that the compile task takes longer. That makes sense, but it means that when bypass-compile breaks, we get no notice and it likely stays broken until someone digs into the task logs. I don't think we should change that behavior in this ticket, but it is something that might be worth a discussion.




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