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Make reconstruct_prepared_transactions_initial_sync.js robust to election failures.

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      Using replTest.stepUp in the test always expects the replica set to have a primary before running replSetStepUp cmd for any retries. It's not possible to hold that guarantee if a test run with high electionTimeOutMillis (24 hrs) because the nodes can't start an election by it's own during the test unless it was started by the jstest explicitly using "replSetStepDown" cmd.

      Though SERVER-47612 (on master) made storing last vote document during replSetRequestVotes cmd as resilient against concurrent step down, the solution for this ticket should be more generic to handle any replSetStepUp failures. So, we should make the test to use stepUpNoAwaitReplication instead of stepUp method.

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            suganthi.mani@mongodb.com Suganthi Mani
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