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Make noPassthrough tests work with resumable index builds



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    • Execution Team 2020-08-24, Repl 2020-09-07


      SERVER-48476 is adding a wait during index builds that can cause tests to hang for numerous reasons. Tests in noPassthrough that time out because of this are tagged with resumable_index_build_incompatible and blacklisted from running in the resumable index build variant for now. This ticket should address whether these tests are actually incompatible with resumable index builds or not.

      The relevant tests are:

      • backup_restore_backup_cursor.js - Failing because something is holding the stable timestamp behind the optime that the node is waiting on. See these logs for more details.
      • indexbg_killop_secondary.js - Failing because heartbeats to the node stuck waiting for the majority commit point to advance are failing (the node is restarting after an expected fassert). See these logs for more details.
      • out_majority_read_replset.js - Failing because replication is stalled on secondaries. This test would normally pass because the commit quorum is disabled.
      • read_majority_reads.js - Failing because it starts a single node replica set and waits for the last optime to be majority committed before it has calculated a stable timestamp. This will prevent the currentCommittedSnapshot from being updated because the stable timestamp isn't moving forward. See these logs.
      • read_majority.js - Same as read_majority_reads.js
      • timestamp_index_builds.js - Failing because the test disables snapshotting on both nodes before the index is created and the operation both nodes need to be majority committed is the startIndexBuild oplog entry, which didn't make it into the snapshot.


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