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Better FeatureCompatibility const correctness

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    • Repl 2020-09-07

      I was surprised when

      if (const auto& fcv = serverGlobalParams.featureCompatibility; fcv.isVersionInitialized() &&
          fcv.isGreaterThanOrEqualTo(ServerGlobalParams::FeatureCompatibility::Version::kVersion47)) {
          // ...

      wouldn't compile. So the newly-added accessors (isLessThanOrEqualTo, isGreaterThanOrEqualTo, isLessThan, isGreaterThan, isUpgradingOrDowngrading) should be const-qualified.

      However in addition to this it might be better if serverGlobalParams.featureCompatibility was a const ref, with some other name for the places that legitimately need to modify it, eg.

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       struct ServerGlobalParams {
           // ...
           struct FeatureCompatibility {
               // ...
      -    } featureCompatibility;
      +    } featureCompatibilityMutable;
      +    const FeatureCompatibility& featureCompatibility = featureCompatibilityMutable;
           // ...

      This would have caught the missing const-qualifier on the accessors when they were added (in addition to helping prevent accidents).

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            kevin.pulo@mongodb.com Kevin Pulo
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