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Blacklist balancing_sessions_collection.js from sharding_csrs_continuous_config_stepdown

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    • v3.6
    • Sharding 2020-11-02
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      This test runs removeShard in assert.soon to wait for the remove shard operation to complete. When run in sharding_csrs_continuous_config_stepdown suite, the subsequent removeShard commands (or more specifically _configsvrRemoveShard commands) could fail with "Term changed from X to Y while waiting for replication, indicating that this node must have stepped down." when trying to wait for write concern "majority" since the commands will not do any writes so the term in the opTime for the client could be less than latest term. As explained in SERVER-33727, the _configsvrRemoveShard commands should not wait for write concern. Since SERVER-33727 is not backported to 4.0 or earlier, we should blacklist this test from sharding_csrs_continuous_config_stepdown in 4.0 and 3.6.

            cheahuychou.mao@mongodb.com Cheahuychou Mao
            cheahuychou.mao@mongodb.com Cheahuychou Mao
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