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Remove all inline powercycle expansions (local powercycle ticket 2)

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    • 4.9.0
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    • STM 2021-01-25
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      powercycle currently calls itself twice, once to take all the command line options to generate a config file and a second time to take the config file and do powercycle. See code here. This makes it tricky to run powercycle locally because a small number of options like the IP address are no longer be applicable. We should simplify the first invocation to accept as few options as possible (further optimizations will be made in followup tickets)

      Instead, we should break up all the configuration embedded in evergreen.yml into the following.

      • For static options, we can embed them in the powercycle Python code as Python or YAML.
      • For all other options, we can rely on expansions.yml or use sane conventions. Note that even though some options appear to use other expansions, the expansions themselves are static. E.g. all of these are static and can be moved out of evergreen.yml
      • ec2_aws.yml can go away entirely in favor of a command line argument.

      The powertest Python can then be updated to accept the simpler command line calls including the IP address of the powercycle host. No further changes are needed as part of this ticket

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