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$unwind + $sort pipeline produces large number of file handles when spilling to disk

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    • v4.4
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      Suppose we have an aggregation which features a $unwind followed by a $sort that spills to disk. $unwind does not produce owned documents, rather, it updates the field being unwound in memory while preserving the backing BSON. The sorter relies on ‘memUsageForSorter()’, (which simply calls 'Document::getApproximateSize()') to compute the current memory usage and determine whether or not we should spill. Crucially, ‘getApproximateSize()’ includes the size of the backing BSON (the document that is input to $unwind), which is massive in size compared to each document produced by $unwind. As a result, this causes the $sort which follows to reach its memory limit quickly and produces an enormous number of file handles when spilling to disk compared to 4.2.

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