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Improve view creation performance over time

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      Even though view creation is rather fast, in my experiment it took 100 seconds to create 5000 views, view creation degrades over time. Currently, we take collection MODE_X lock and need to reload the view catalog during each view creation.

      The script I used is a single-threaded view creation but running the same script against different collections in parallel does not improve the total execution time as it seems that reloading the view catalog is the bottleneck.


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      function main() {
          var views_to_create = 5000;
          db = db.getSiblingDB("views_db");
          print("DB Dropped");
          var coll_name = "my_collection";
           print("DB/Collection Created");
           var results=[];
           for (var i=0; i < views_to_create; i=i+1){
               var field = 'field_' + Math.floor(Math.random() * 10000).toString();
               var pipeline = [{'$project': { }}];
               pipeline[0]['$project'][field] = '$a';
               var start = new Date();
               db.runCommand({"create": "view_" + i,
                  "viewOn": coll_name, 
                  "pipeline": pipeline});
               var end =  new Date();
              if (i % 100 == 0){
                  print ((end-start) + " taken for creating view " + i);

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