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Add a mode to resmoke to bisect changes

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      Add a resmoke bisect sub-command that wraps around git bisect. It'll compile the Server and run resmoke with a repeat of 100 to capture flakiness tests under git-bisect.

      We need users to be able to configure the compile and resmoke commands based on git commits. Something like the following:

      - startGitVersion: xyz
         setupCommand: source ./script-to-setup-venv-and-install-pip-dependencies
         compileCommand: scons ijk
         resmokeCommand: resmoke.py abc
      - startGitVersion: xyz
         compileCommand: scons ijk
         resmokeCommand: resmoke.py abc
      • We will need to make a template of the config YAML with global changes to resmoke and compile steps, e.g. resmoke.py -> resmoke.py run.
      • The script will need to be tested on Ubuntu 1804 (which is the majority of virtual workstations). We'll make a best-effort to ensure it works cross platform by avoid using platform-specific code where possible. (We do not intend for this to be run outside of virtual workstations, as it would take a very long time due to the lack of icecream cluster access.)

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            robert.guo@mongodb.com Robert Guo (Inactive)
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