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Bind ClientStrand before destroying its opCtx

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      We create a new opCtx to serve each client request (see here). This opCtx is later destroyed in the tail of a future-continuation constructed in ServiceStateMachine::Impl::startNewLoop (see here). The destruction of opCtx, however, may run on a thread other than the one that has the Client object attached, causing read-after-free race conditions.

      Future<void> ServiceStateMachine::Impl::processMessage() {
          _opCtx = Client::getCurrent()->makeOperationContext();
      .getAsync([this](Status status) {
          // We may or may not have an operation context, but it should definitely be gone now.

      Similarly, the opCtx used to run a command is killed after returning from handleRequest (see here). This may also run on a thread other than the one holding the client lock, resulting in data races. We should ensure the operation is only killed on a thread that owns its corresponding client object.

      Acceptance criteria: ensure the opCtx is always killed/destructed while having its Client attached to the current thread (e.g., by binding the ClientStrand). The performance impact of the changes must also be evaluated (using sys-perf), as the change is on the critical path of command execution.

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