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Fix RPM packaging and testing for SLES 12

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    • v4.4, v4.2, v4.0
    • Dev Platform 2021-04-05, Dev Platform 2021-04-19
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      Changes to SLES 12 (and apparently SLES 15) have moved some important files around and have broken our efforts to make relocatable RPMs. Specifically, the ${_sharedstatedir RPM macro appears to be defined incorrectly on the platforms, and the systemd unit files have been moved to /usr/lib/systemd for some reason. These problems were breaking both the RPM installation and the package tests.

      Additionally, the install_compass script now checks the distro it's running on and reports and error if it's not compatible. Before that change, we simply checked on SLES that the error code from attempting to run the script was non-zero - and it was, since we were not even installing the tool. The tests now verify the presence of the message, so we need to install the tools-extra package during package testing from now on.

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