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Investigate negative timeouts in connection pool

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    • v4.4
    • Service Arch 2021-07-12, Service Arch 2021-08-09, Service Arch 2021-08-23, Service Arch 2021-10-04, Service Arch 2022-1-10, Service Arch Test, Service Arch 2022-1-24
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      Connection pools setup event timers to check if the network interface time limit is exceeded. Timeouts are handled by fulfilling the promise for pending requests with ErrorCodes::NetworkInterfaceExceededTimeLimit. Older versions (v4.4 and before) also include the timeout (in milliseconds) in the error description.

      The timeout calculations may be susceptible to underflow, where the calculated timeout could be a negative number. This ticket should investigate the possibility of negative timeouts in ConnectionPool::SpecificPool::updateEventTimer() and propose fixes if necessary.


      Acceptance criteria:

      Write unit tests for the above mentioned function. Ensure one of the triggers a negative timeout and fix it. Timebox it to 1 day to write the unit test. 

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