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Push $setWindowFields to shards when shards contain whole partitions



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      It's safe to run the $setWindowFields stage on each shard independently as long as each partition lives on a single shard. That means the shard key must be at least as coarse as the partitionBy expression / the shard key must be constant within each partition.

      For example, given this query:

      {$setWindowFields: {
        partitionBy: {state: "$state", city: "$city"},

      This is safe to push down if the shard key is any of these:

      • {state: 1, city: 1}
      • {city: 1, state: 1}
      • {state: 1}
      • {city: 1}

        In all these cases, the documents that the 'partitionBy' groups together live on the same shard.

      Some examples of shard keys that wouldn't allow this:

      • {state: 1, city: 1, _id: 1}
      • {_id: 1}
      • {country: 1, state: 1, city: 1}

      The analysis we'd need seems similar to pushing down $match past $setWindowFields: SERVER-56419.

      One problem is that we convert $setWindowFields with a partitionBy to a $sort + $_internalSetWindowFields before optimization. Pushing down the $sort wouldn't be valid.

      • Maybe we should somehow delay introducing the $sort until after we've done some optimization.
      • Maybe we can do something like SERVER-53638, where we push a $lookup down through the mergesort part of a sharded sort.


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