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Use local write concern when acquiring and releasing resumable critical section in resharding recipient

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    • v5.0
    • Sharding 2021-05-31
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      The changes from 70d2f7f as part of SERVER-53653 use ShardingCatalogClient::kMajorityWriteConcern in a couple places:

      1. As part of releasing the critical section on abort.
      2. As part of acquiring the critical section before transition to kStrictConsistency.

      After the changes from SERVER-55511, it'll be possible to rely on the recovery process in the RecipientStateMachine to correctly reacquire the critical section if the local write hadn't become majority-committed following the failover. The ShardingCatalogClient::kMajorityWriteConcern can then safely be changed to ShardingCatalogClient::kLocalWriteConcern.

      Note that we can consolidate releasing the critical section in RecipientStateMachine::_finishReshardingOperation() similar to what is being done in DonorStateMachine::_finishReshardingOperation().

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