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Make NetworkInterfaceIntegrationFixture wait for in progress requests

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      The fixture creates a new instance of NetworkInterface for every test. The network interface is shutdown after every test using tearDown (see here).

      void NetworkInterfaceIntegrationFixture::startNet(
          std::unique_ptr<NetworkConnectionHook> connectHook) {
      void NetworkInterfaceIntegrationFixture::tearDown() {
          // Network interface will only shutdown once because of an internal shutdown guard

      Integration tests use this network interface to run remote commands by calling into runCommand:

      Future<RemoteCommandResponse> NetworkInterfaceIntegrationFixture::runCommand(
          const TaskExecutor::CallbackHandle& cbHandle, RemoteCommandRequest request) {
          RemoteCommandRequestOnAny rcroa{request};
          return net().startCommand(cbHandle, rcroa).then([](TaskExecutor::ResponseOnAnyStatus roa) {
              auto res = RemoteCommandResponse(roa);
              if (res.isOK()) {
                        "Got command result: {response}",
                        "Got command result",
                        "response"_attr = res.toString());
              } else {
                  LOGV2(4820501, "Command failed: {error}", "Command failed", "error"_attr = res.status);
              return res;

      The fixture, however, does not track scheduled commands and may return from tearDown before all in progress commands finish. This violates the contract that different tests run in isolation, as a command may start in one test and complete in another.

      To address this issue, NetworkInterfaceIntegrationFixture must ensure all in progress commands complete before returning from tearDown. We may use a similar approach to that used by ThreadPoolTaskExecutor to get notified once the execution of a command is complete (see here).

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