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Wait for initial sync to clear state before asserting 'replSetGetStatus' reply has no 'initialSync' field

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      initial_sync_replSetGetStatus.js waits for the initial syncing node to transition into SECONDARY state and then assert the 'replSetGetStatus' command reply does not contain 'initialSync'  field. However it's possible that the node transitioned to SECONDARY state during the onCompletion callback before resetting the _initialSyncState. When responding to the 'replsetGetStatus' command, if _initialSyncState is not reset, the response will still include the `initialSyncStatus` field, causing the assertion to fail. One solution is to add a fail point after resetting _initialSyncState and wait in the test. Another option can be using assert.soon(), but using fail point can test it a more deterministic manner.

            wenbin.zhu@mongodb.com Wenbin Zhu
            wenbin.zhu@mongodb.com Wenbin Zhu
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