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Return an error if client attempts an OP_QUERY command other than isMaster/hello

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    • 5.1.0-rc0
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    • Query Execution 2021-07-26, QE 2021-08-09
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      This is follow-on work to SERVER-58337. The OP_QUERY RPC protocol is deprecated in 5.0, so we can remove support for it in 5.1. As in the other related deprecation and removals (OP_INSERT, OP_KILL_CURSORS, OP_GET_MORE, etc.) we should continue to log a warning and bump the appropriate serverStatus counter prior to returning an error. Also, the error should be user-friendly, meaning that it should indicate that OP_QUERY commands, other than hello and isMaster, are no longer supported, as opposed to being some indecipherable error produced during validation of the incoming network message (e.g. "unknown op code 2004", or something similar).

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