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Measure the overhead from ShardingWriteRouter on the write codepath

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    • v5.0
    • Sharding 2021-10-04
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      This test should be written as a google/benchmark test (see this wiki page and chunk_manager_refresh_bm.cpp as an example).

      Outside of the

      for (auto keepRunning : state) { ... }

      loop, the benchmark should construct a CatalogCache that will return a ChunkManager for the temporary resharding collection which has 60 chunks (to match the number of chunks in ReshardCollectionMixed.yml). It'll additionally need to call CollectionShardingRuntime::setFilteringMetadata() for the source collection with a CollectionMetadata that has reshardingFields present and in a state such that getReshardingKeyIfShouldForwardOps() would return the new shard key pattern.

      Within the

      for (auto keepRunning : state) { ... }

      loop, the benchmark should construct a ReshardingDonorWriteRouter instance and call ReshardingDonorWriteRouter::getDestinedRecipient() for a fixed document. The document should be constructed outside of the loop so that the BSONObjBuilder for it isn't counted in the benchmark.

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