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find_flip_sbe_enabled.js FSM workload never actually runs any tests



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    • QE 2021-10-18


      The find_flip_sbe_enabled.js FSM workload, first introduced under SERVER-56729, was designed to test that queries can continue to run correctly even if the flag to enable/disable SBE is concurrently being flipped on and off. Since the test turns SBE on, we have some checks to make it so that the test only runs under configurations where SBE is already enabled – the idea being that we don't ever want to turn SBE on in a build variant where SBE is supposed to be enabled.

      However, this check is implemented incorrectly in such a way that causes the test to do nothing. At the beginning of the test during the setup phase, there is logic to explicitly disable SBE. Each of the functions representing an FSM state subsequently check whether SBE is enabled, and if so bail out (for example, see here). But because the test just disabled SBE, we end up bailing from every FSM state function. As a result, the test does nothing.

      I think we can fix this by simply no longer explicitly disabling SBE at the beginning of the test.




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