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memory leak. query time out when sharding.

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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.5, 2.0.6, 2.2.3
    • Component/s: Sharding
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      linux , 3 shard, each 3 server replicaset.
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      ConnectionShardStatus preserve map<DBClientBase*, map<string,unsigned long long> > _map; to keep sequence number. when checkShardVersion , call setSequence to set de map, use key :
      conn = getVersionable(&conn_in); (which is connection to master of replicaset when use shard and replicaset). but when shardconnection onDestroy, resetShardVersion use key is ptr to shardconnection , not the connection to master of replicaset. So each time _map.erase(conn) return 0, and _map size always increase.

      because i use short connection in web client , each time client close connection , mongos destroy shardconnection and cause _map increate. sometimes mongos create new connection to mongod, with same pointer position with an old connection object, cause the new connection can get an positive sequence from _map , of 0!. it will cause checkShardVersion run >2 times, and cause web client wait 3 -5 seconds.

      i modify shard_version.cpp resetShardVersion function , when conn type is SET, connectionShardStatus.reset( getVersionable(conn) ); , fix this problem.

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