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Exclude Tests and Tasks tagged with "serverless" from running on last-lts

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    • v6.1, v6.0
    • STM 2021-12-13, STM 2022-03-07, DAG 2022-06-13, Server Serverless 2022-12-26, Server Serverless 2023-01-09, Server Serverless 2023-01-23, Server Serverless 2023-02-06, Server Serverless 2023-02-20, Server Serverless 2023-05-01
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      Build a mechanism to prevent Evergreen tasks and JS tests tagged with "serverless-only" from running on last-lts branches. The implementation should allow for easy expansion to enable arbitrary features to not run on arbitrary branches.

      Impl. sketch:
      1. Add an --excludeWithAnyTags here for JS test tags.
      2. Add a should_skip() function to task_def here and have it check if the tag exists for the task.
      3. Similar to 1, but in evergreen_burn_in_tests.py
      4. Similar to 2, but in evergreen_burn_in_tests.py

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