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Temp Collections for Non Map-Reduce Queries

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      I would like to request the ability to have the results of a query stored in a temporary collection without using Map/Reduce. The query could be executed and return the name of the temporary collection, and options could be passed to define options of the collection, for instance if it's capped or not.

      There are certain cases where this "query and forget until later" could be quite useful... For instance a long running operation over a large dataset where we don't expect results to get returned immediately. An example of this is providing a custom external DSL for users to perform queries against the database, but the DSL to Javascript translation would be an extremely large overhead in order to leverage Map/Reduce.

      The current workaround for this is to put the query on another long running background process and manually put the results in a new collection, I am just looking for a nice way to simplify this.

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