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Create a generic histogram type

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    • v5.0, v4.4
    • Service Arch 2022-1-10, Service Arch 2022-1-24, Service Arch 2022-2-07, Service Arch 2022-2-21, Service Arch 2022-03-07
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      • Rewrite IntegerHistogram so that it is just a generic Histogram.
      • Add a template parameter to the class of the key type, rather than int64
        • Perhaps static_assert that the key type has operator< well-defined so that we can use std::upper_bound to find the insertion index
      • Add a type alias for IntegerHistogram so that it has identical behavior to today. Should just be the now “generic” Histogram with int64_t as the first type parameter
      • Add aliases for Duration types (like Milliseconds) to ensure they work.

      Old text

      Introduce a generic histogram type that can replace/extend IntegerHistogram and offer more flexibility. This new type should allow defining customized tags for each bucket when serializing the histogram, and support duration types (e.g., Milliseconds).

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