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Audit and add assertions against using multiple WT_SESSIONs on the same thread



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      In order to guarantee cache eviction progress, WiredTiger requires MongoDB to use one WT_SESSION per thread. This is because transactions can only be rolled-back for eviction when API calls are made into the session. When each thread has only one session, then WiredTiger can guarantee forward eviction progress without blocking, because all operations will eventually make API calls, which allows them to be rolled-back if they are blocking eviction.

      Using more than one session per thread risks the following deadlock:

      • Operation writes using session S1
      • Operation reads using session S2
      • S2 is blocked on cache eviction. S1 is the oldest transaction that is pinning content, and therefore needs to be rolled back. Because this operation is not actively making calls into S1, we reach a deadlock

      Note that this is only a problem when a read-only session is used while also holding onto a session that has performed writes. This is not problematic with two writing sessions, two reading sessions, or when a writing session holds onto a read-only session.

      Edit: my previous claim that this is only a problem with read-only sessions is incorrect. Every session that wishes to write must first open a cursor, which involves a cache eviction check. So the deadlock scenario is still possible.

      We should audit and make assertions that an operation in a WriteUnitOfWork (i.e. a write transaction) cannot open any new sessions. For cases where happens, we should find a way to stop, or add the "cache_max_wait_ms" option to allow the operation to time out.





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