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Add record metadata and history in validate output when corruption is detected

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    • 5.3.0, 5.0.16
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    • v5.0, v4.4
    • Execution Team 2021-11-29, Execution Team 2021-12-13, Execution Team 2021-12-27, Execution Team 2022-01-10, Execution Team 2022-01-24, Execution Team 2022-02-07

      WT-8333 will create a new API to return record metadata and history. We'll need to modify the validate command to use this new functionality. This will be helpful when investigating data corruption bugs reported by the validate command.

      For example, if a document is missing an index entry, we can add the metadata and history for that document. Vice-versa, if there's an extra index entry, we can add the metadata and history for that index entry.

            gregory.wlodarek@mongodb.com Gregory Wlodarek
            gregory.wlodarek@mongodb.com Gregory Wlodarek
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